Sycamore Creek Country Club

Hole 18

Hole #18

A short par 4 finishing hole that happens to be one of the toughest holes on the course!  A very narrow driving area confronts the player right from the start.  Left of the driving area is a lateral water hazard and four linden trees all but blocking out any view of the green from the left side of the fairway.  Right is no bargain either.  A large hill and several trees can be found right of the fairway with a fairway bunker catching any longer tee shot that drifts just right of the short grass.  A well-placed tee ball will be right of center and just short of the bunker.  The second shot must carry the creek just short of the green.  The 18th green is relatively narrow with a hillside to the left and a bunker, large sycamore tree and lateral hazard right of the green.  Your approach shot must be placed under the hole especially with a front pin placement.  The green slopes severely from back to front especially the front third of the green.  If you are above the hole with a front pin placement, get ready to chip your next shot!

Men’s HCP – 6
Par 4





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